Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Arduino pro mini V2 PCBs arrived!

So PCB arrived in today. I just had enough time to solder it and to make some pictures so that you can get better idea. In a few days I will show you how to use this "under shield" and what is the purpose of it. 

Top side

Bottom side

Completed board without screw terminals

Markings of arduino pins and solder jumpers
 The "other" side

Pins that can be used for servos, sensors etc...

Completed board with screw terminals

Arduino V2 schematic

Arduino V2 Gerber files

Friday, 28 March 2014

USB Isolator ADUM4160

My little project how to improve sound of my ODAC. I have made usb isolator that contains ADUM4160 with shunt regulator. I have used schematic from salas @ diyaudio and modified it a bit. I changed those 2sk170 with BF862 which are more easily obtainable and they also have smaller package, so that I was able to create really small PCB. As picture says 1000 words, here are some pics.

 Power supply on the left, ODAC in the bottom and USB isolator in the upper left side.

 Almost completed casing. I still need to create top cover of the box.

ODAC is connected to the USB isolator through modified usb cable, so that at any time sound card can be removed or any other device can be used. Since connection is very short it is not critical to use remote sensing from the shunt regulator.

Shunt regulator configured to configured to output 300mA of current but it can supply up to 500mA with small heat sink.

 Top PCB

Bottom PCB

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Arduino pro mini V2 board

This is something I came up with while I was working on a project. Every time I am working with Arduino in the end of a project I always need a PCB, many times even more than one. Option to use protoboard and arduino uno is quite time consuming and rather expensive (comparing to the arduino pro mini or just Atmega328).I have developed PCB that can fit Arduino pro mini 5V, from Sparkfun and from Ebay(<- this one is really cheap 2.80USD), there you can find on board PSU with LM7805, which can be omitted if you already have regulated +5V, screw terminals for 12 pins, and 8 pins are accessible via pin headers. Pins with screw terminals can be configured as inputs or outputs via solder jumpers, protective resistors are also available, 8 pins are positioned in a way that they can be used with most of the servos. Programming of the arduino pro mini can be done through on board ISP or via RS232 which is directly on Arduino pro mini. Before I receive real PCBs, here are pictures of top and bottom side made in eagleup.
Top Side

Bottom side

You may be wondering why on the bottom side of the PCB is written ALMOST SQUARE, well I couldn't think of any good name so I got idea from dimension which is 56mm * 62mm.

Monday, 17 February 2014

ALOG - Arduino based support board

I designed this board, because I always had problem when I wanted to access arduino shield that was is the middle, not just the one that was on top. Now I can access three shields and stack even more. Also I was able to put on bigger protoboard and not just the one that is usually found on arduino shield. Because arduino is turned upside down, I can't access reset button and also LED pin13 isn't visible, so these two options are also on board.

There is also programmer socket for all attiny microcontrollers which can be programed via arduino and on onboard isp socket. 

Compatible with Mega 1280 / 2560 / ADK / UNO / NANO
Support 3 shields directly on board, if you stack them then you're not limited
OnBoard dip sockets for programing via Arduino for attiny24/44/84, attiny13/15/25/45/85, attiny2313/4313, also includes 6pin ISP connector for other programmers.
All the pins are marked on the board. 
You can use bigger protoboard.
Easy accessible reset button
LED on pin13 is also present on the board.  
Size: 200x150mm