Friday, 28 March 2014

USB Isolator ADUM4160

My little project how to improve sound of my ODAC. I have made usb isolator that contains ADUM4160 with shunt regulator. I have used schematic from salas @ diyaudio and modified it a bit. I changed those 2sk170 with BF862 which are more easily obtainable and they also have smaller package, so that I was able to create really small PCB. As picture says 1000 words, here are some pics.

 Power supply on the left, ODAC in the bottom and USB isolator in the upper left side.

 Almost completed casing. I still need to create top cover of the box.

ODAC is connected to the USB isolator through modified usb cable, so that at any time sound card can be removed or any other device can be used. Since connection is very short it is not critical to use remote sensing from the shunt regulator.

Shunt regulator configured to configured to output 300mA of current but it can supply up to 500mA with small heat sink.

 Top PCB

Bottom PCB


  1. Looking neat. I really like minimalistic look and those boards seem really tiny. :)

    Did you notice any difference after adding USB isolator?

  2. Yes, the difference was really noticeable. Dynamics of sound greatly improved and also I can here now some micro details which I didn't know they existed. Also I made RMAA tests and THD was 4times better than without USB isolator.